Why Does My Water Taste Of Chlorine?

In order to make sure that the water we receive through our tap meets specific regulations, the water company’s most common treatment is the use of chlorine.

Is It Safe?
This way of treating water has been used for around a century, as it is the most reliable way of treating water. It is harmless at the concentrations used; it just doesn’t taste very nice!

The World Health Organisation have suggested that a lifetime exposure of chlorine in our drinking water should be 5mg per litre. (One part per million) Most water company’s dose around the 1mg per litre mark.

How Do they Add it?
The most common way is to add it in gas or liquid form to the water at the water treatment works. After the treatment they leave a small amount in the water to ensure that the water stays bacteria free as it passes through the pipes to our homes.


Why Does It Smell And Taste So Strong?
We are all sensitive to chlorine at different levels, but if you notice a sudden increase of smell or taste the following reasons could play a factor.

A water mains near your house has recently been replaced. This affects it, as the mains do not ‘absorb’ if you like the chlorine in the same way as the old ones did.

Your property is close to the treatment works.

Your property is close to a service reservoir where they do the second chlorination to increase the residuals. (Keeping the water safe)

What can you do about it?
The easiest and cheapest way is to run some water into a clean jug and cover it with a cloth and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours. This is because chlorine is a gas and over time will dissipate from it. (Don’t leave the water any longer than 24 hours as bacteria may start to grow)


What else can you do which is easier and more permanent?
For a more permanent solution to removing chlorine taste from your water you can install a carbon filter, which will remove this. Many companies and households use this as the most cost effective and easiest solution to this problem.

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Caroline Laurie

Why Does My Water Taste Of Chlorine?