The ‘Cryptosporidium Scare’


So it has hit the headlines, and people are in panic. What about you? Do you know which article to read, and which to believe? Let us put your mind at rest and tell you what you need to know.


What Is Cryptosporidium?

It is a small parasite that causes humans and animals to have an infection. Usually this organism can be found in streams, rivers, lakes, swimming pools and untreated drinking water.


How Dangerous Is it?

In most cases it will just be an unpleasant bout of abdominal cramps with prolific watery diarrhea, lasting a less than a month. It however can be fatal for those who have a poor immune system and should you be concerned about having an infection you should seek medical advice.


How To Prevent Infection

– Good Hygiene, wash your hands and don’t go swimming if you have a bad tummy.

– Appropriate levels of protection in place at home (UV & Cryptosporidium filter)

– Avoid known contaminated water

– At a minimum; filter or boil water and avoid swallowing water while swimming

– take appropriate precautions when traveling.


Prevention is better than a cure!

We all know that prevention is better than a cure! Protect your family from the possibilities of getting infected.


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The ‘Cryptosporidium Scare’