5 Reasons We Love Reverse Osmosis (And You Should, Too!)

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

 1) Saves you Money

Sick of buying bottles and bottles of water to last you the week or turning to the cupboard in a dash to find out you have ran out of water filter cartridges again! Well look no further; when you have a Reverse Osmosis system at home you have delicious water, which actually costs pennies per gallon on tap!

2) Outstanding water quality

When running to full capacity your RO water system has the ability to remove 95-99% of dissolved solids and nasties in your water. Nasties such as arsenic, chlorine, toxins, microbes, and debris. The journal of Environmental health perspectives found arsenic to be prevalent in American drinking and it can be a factor in getting skin cancer. They also said that chlorine could potentially contribute to low birth weight, premature birth, birth defects, fetal deaths, and other adverse pregnancy problems.

3) Go healthy!

With today’s latest advice about getting 8 glasses, 2 liters or half a gallon of water down you a day – surely this would be easier if it tasted nice! Households with Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are finding that their great tasting water is turning them away from drinking so much sugary and fizzy drinks.

4) Better tasting food

Ok so huge companies and I mean huge, like Coca Cola, Pukka Pies, Guinness and Thornton’s chocolates all use a reverse osmosis system to produce their products to get them to taste so good. So why not use their secret ingredient at home? Cooking with RO water has a massive impact on the flavor of most recipes. There is nothing like using water free of impurities to make that delicious home made soup or handing a visitor a cup of crystal clear tea and watching them wonder how!

5) Good for cancer

When someone is fighting cancer they need all the help they can get, why leave it to hospital to take care of. Many who are being treated for cancer or who have had cancer are very careful with their diet so as to not eat anything that can help it grow or come back. Medline Plus reports that cancer patients can consume Reverse Osmosis water during and after canter treatment as they have a weakened immune system. Using untreated tap water for cooking and drinking that has harmful micro-organisms and tiny germs can cause an infection.


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5 Reasons We Love Reverse Osmosis (And You Should, Too!)