3rd Classic mistake you are making with your UV!

Mistake 3


UV…Filter…aren’t they the same thing?

So, I know that my water contains bacteria and viruses along with various other contaminants, if I use a UV, that should get rid of everything right? Surely that will stop it from looking cloudy?

The Facts

Firstly, a UV sterilisation system is NOT a filter! It removes NOTHING from your water. This often comes as a surprise to many people. The UV rays attack the DNA structure of any microorganisms, pathogens and viruses that may be present within the water. Once exposed, the damaged DNA structures make it impossible for the microorganisms, pathogens and viruses to reproduce making them harmless and safe for consumption.

Your water needs to be visually clean before use with a UV. Any particles suspended within the water will act as a shield and may prevent the sterilisation of harmful bacteria. It is recommended that the turbidity of the water does not exceed 1NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units)

It is also worth noting that UV sterilisation is a one-time process and therefore has a limited protection time. Between the water leaving the system and reaching its final destination, it is possible that the water could be re contaminated therefore care must be taken one sterilisation has taken place. For this very reason, the unit should not be placed too far away from the point of use

Amy King

3rd Classic mistake you are making with your UV!