2nd Classic mistake you are making with your UV!

Mistake 2

What comes first, the UV or the Filter?

So I know that my turbidity exceeds what is recommended and I can see suspended particles and my water is a bit cloudy…ill run the water through a Granular Activated Carbon filter after my UV, that’s sure to sort the problem.

The Facts

Your water should always be at it’s cleanest when entering the UV. Processing water that doesn’t meet the exacting requirements will result in failure of sterilisation and render the entire process worthless.

The following conditions must be met to ensure proper and thorough sterilisation –

Turbidity < 1NTU

Suspended Solids <10mg/L

Colour None

Total Iron < 0.3mg/L

Manganese < 0.05mg/L

Hardness < 7gpg

If these standards are not met, any filtration used will be required BEFORE entering the UV sterilisation system. An Ideal pre-treatment is GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) which is used for removing colour, taste and odour as well as being a sediment filter.

Amy King

2nd Classic mistake you are making with your UV!