1st Classic mistake you are making with your UV!

Mistake 1

To replace or not to replace?

Okay, so you’ve received your curtesy email explaining that you UV bulb is due for replacement but you’ve had a look and the system seems to be working as it should. The bulb still works and is emitting the strong violet beam – it should be okay for another month…or two…or three?

The Facts

This we find is the most common misconception regarding UV sterilisation. The effective UV/C beam that is responsible for the sterilisation of microorganisms, pathogens and viruses will have diminished long before the violet beam ceases to emit. This beam is actually invisible to the naked eye therefore there is not way visually to see if the bulb is effective against sterilisation. The UV bulbs are designed to last 10,000 hrs. If run continuously, this equates to just over 12 months. If the system is used intermittently the bulb will remain affective for longer in accordance. It is also important to note that looking directly at the UV bulb can be very dangerous as the intensity of the bulb may actually burn your retina.

Amy King


1st Classic mistake you are making with your UV!