What You Can Do About Waste Water Flooding

Flooding can be caused by many factors, mainly prolonged or heavy rainfall typically a localised storm that overwhelms the drainage system. Here are a few other common factors to consider:

Faulty Pipework

Tree Roots

Paper, cloths, nappies and wipes being flushed.

Fat and oil poured down sinks completely block sewers.

Silt and gravel

Health Risks

Regardless of what has caused this flooding, you want it cleared and fast! According to the Water Research Centre (WRC) most bacteria from waste water outside on lawns, paths, tarmac etc will be harmless within a few days. Their studies showed that waste water on clay and grass fell back to normal levels within 6 days in summer, or 18 days in winter.

If necessary you can use disinfectant on paved and tarmac areas to speed up the process, but it is best left to naturally decay on grass or soil areas.

See the chart below for the recommended number of days you should keep off flooded outdoor areas as a minimum.


Sometimes waiting around for the water board to get to you is not an option. No one really wants dirty stinky water lying around, especially around small children or older ones who are more susceptible to the bacteria in the water.

Have you considered having a submersible tank ready in the garage for when this happens? It is always better to be prepared!

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What You Can Do About Waste Water Flooding