Welcoming our brand new UV sterilisation Systems

It’s been many years of research and development but they are finally here! Our brand new UV sterilisation systems are now in stock and ready for shipping.


So what’s different about these systems I hear you say… Well, we think they are the best, and here’s a few reasons why –

All of our systems consist on 100% stainless steel construction for strength and reliability.

Many other UV systems only accept their own brand of replacement UV bulbs which can be costly and sometimes difficult to get hold of. All of our systems accept standard Philips bulbs making replacements cheep and easy.

All of our systems have been specifically designed to be very simple to install, operate and maintain meaning that there should be little or no need to call out an engineer during the lifespan of the system.

Our more advanced systems such as the ST08 range come with added features such as lamp fail alarm, lamp change indicators, run hours display, and system healthy indicator. These added features are particular useful for industry use where system failure needs to be identified and corrected immediately to prevent stoppage of production.

The SBD rage has all of the above features with the addition of an LCD display along with a drain valve.

The SPS systems are compact and are complete water sterilisation solutions. The systems are practically plug and go. All you need to do is connect the inlet, outlet and power supply and the system is ready to go. The system comes complete with two pre filters, a 50 micron and a 5 micron so there is no need for any additional filtration. The system is also fitted with a pressure gauge which will indicate if there is a problem with the system or the filters require replacement. These systems are ideal if you have no pre filtration already in place or if space is limited. As these systems are complete water treatment solutions, they require little or no technical support making them cheap and easy to install and maintain.

All of our systems come with a 3-year warranty. If you do have any questions or problems when installing, operating or maintaining the system, we offer a 24hr helpline where an engineer is on standby to help.

So I think you will agree that these systems are pretty great…and you’ve not even seen the prices yet! Check them out now here


Amy King

Welcoming our brand new UV sterilisation Systems