Potable or Non-potable, that is the question!

With so many tanks on offer, here at industrial water equipment we are constantly asked lots of questions about which tank to use for drinking water or rainwater storage. But does it really matter?

Surprisingly many wonder if they need a potable or non-potable tank. We have all heard of potable plastic but if we stop and think about it, do we actually know what it is or more importantly which is which?

We don’t beat around the bush here, so here is the quick and easy answer!

Potable – Safe to use for drinking water and food storage, which is completely suitable for human consumption.


Non-potable – Not for human drinking water. These tanks are for the use of rainwater collection, waste water storage, reclaimed/recycled water, doing laundry, toilet and urinal flushing, cooling tower make up water, irrigation, effluent storage, non hazardous liquids etc.


Simples? Hopefully now you know which tank you need. But what size? What outlet? What colour? All getting too much?

Give one of our friendly technicians a phone on 01629 55839 or drop them and email on info@industrialwaterequipment.co.uk and they will be happy to help.



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Potable or Non-potable, that is the question!