How Clean Is Your Water And Why You Need A UV!

We have all heard about UV rays either we heard about them at school or we hear about the damage to skin as we got older. But is UV always bad? Did you know that you can use it safely and effectively to treat your water?

With 71% of the Earth’s surface covered in water, the oceans holding about 96.5% of all Earth’s water and the average adult male being made up of approximately 55%75% water, it stands to reason that water is good for us and we need it. Yet only 2.5% of the earth’s water is actually fresh and even then, only 1% of it is easily accessible!

In this country we are very privileged to have the access to relatively clean tap water. But have you ever wondered what else is in your water? Unfortunately the answer to that question could be ‘plenty’. One scientific test revealed that 85% of infant and 65% of adult health conditions are a result of water borne infections and bacteria.

So what can you do about it? Installing a UV is a good step forward. Ultraviolet is similar to distillation; however it disinfects water without the need of adding more chemicals therefore having a few comparable advantages over distillation. UV doesn’t affect the flavour or smell of your drinking water, neither does it remove any advantageous minerals in the water. Ultraviolet water treatment is environmentally friendly, affordable and healthy!

How does it work?
An Ultraviolet light supply is enclosed inside a translucent shielding sleeve, the water then passes over a flow chamber and the ultraviolet rays treat the water removing any bacteria or viruses. UV treatment works best when the water that goes through it is as clear as possible, therefore we suggest running the water through a particle filter first.

For who does it work?
Okay, so we have established that we have relatively clean water tap water in the UK, so why bother? There are many of you that draw your water through a private well; you will need to test your water to see how clean it is. A coliform count will reveal if a well is polluted or not. Have you considered the effects of local defective sewage plants or manure systems, or even something as simple as field run off causing contaminants in your water? Doesn’t apply to you? Then you are with the rest of us on public water supplies! Think you’re safe? Many people are now installing UV’s in their homes as the worries over health and the increase of chlorine are growing. There are more chemicals than you think added to our water to make it ‘clean’ such as Liquified chlorine, Fluorosilicic acid, Aluminium sulphate, Calcium hydroxide and Sodium silicofluoride. If that is not enough to convince you, what about those brand new spanking clean pipes that the water is sent through? Just as I thought, most of those pipes have been underground since Victorian times! Maybe that is the taste you like? These factors such as these, chemicals, bacteria, microorganisms, toxic metal, salts, hormones and pesticides make it almost impossible to your water to arrive out of your tap uncontaminated by something nasty.

Where can I buy mine?
If you have read this article you are now like me looking at your clear clean glass of water and thinking about those gunky Victorian pipes and all those chemicals and considering reaching for the fizzy pop! Water just does not look as appealing does it?! Thankfully Industrial Water Equipment can fix this problem. You can now buy the UV directly from them or even better a ready-made combo kit including filter and housing!

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How Clean Is Your Water And Why You Need A UV!