Hard drinking water? What to do now

Hardness In Your Drinking Water

Hardness in your water is due to the presence of calcium and magnesium salts. Water that has small amounts of these in is known as soft water and water with a higher content is known as hard water.

Hardness in your water does not pose any health risk. The presence of calcium and magnesium in your drinking water can help you get your average daily requirement for these minerals.

Types of Water Hardness:
There are two types of hardness, which depend on the type of salts in your water.

Temporary Hardness:
This is based on the salt content. This type of hardness is the culprit for limescale deposits in your water pipes and kettles! Which fortunately can be removed by boiling your water.

Permanent Hardness:
This is caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium sulphates in the water, which become more soluble as the temperature of the water increases. This is why this type of permanent hardness cannot be removed by boiling your water. The only solution to removing this type of hardness is by the use of a water softener.

Effects of hardness:

Poor lathering of soaps

Large usage of soap, shampoo and cleaning liquids

Scale build up on electrical heating elements

Reduced water flow

Build up of Scale in Kettle

White mineral deposits may be seen on dishes and glassware

Harmless floating layer on surface of drinks.


Removal of Hardness

1) First of all you need to test the hardness of your water, there is no point looking at spending any amount of money if you don’t have a water hardness problem. So first of all you will need to test your water. If you want to try this solution, you can find them HERE



2) You can use a scale inhibitor, which is a low cost answer to your hardness problem. This will prevent the buildup, but wont remove what is already there. Depending on the hardness of your water this is a cost effective method lasting you a good few years!



3) Water Softeners are more expensive but have the added advantage to removing what is already there, so you will notice a much bigger difference as the hardness is removed.



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Caroline Laurie

Hard drinking water? What to do now