Brown Water? Manganese In Your Water?

What is Manganese?

Manganese is a natural metal, one of the most abundant found in the earth’s crust where it is present in the form of oxide, carbonate, silicate or sulphide. Manganese is regularly found in drinking water supplies. The presence of high levels of manganese in your water can be noticed, as the colour will have a black/brown tint.


manganeseA sudden colour change in your water may be for two reasons, there is either an increase due to natural seasonal changes in the raw water source or it could be just a disturbance of manganese that had settles in your pipes.


Is it dangerous?

It is unlikely to cause any health problems from either short or long term exposure; it just doesn’t look very nice. Our drinking water only contributes to a very small amount of our dietary intake of manganese; the majority of it comes from our food.


What to do about it?

If you notice the water in your washing machine looks discolored, just repeat the wash without adding fabric softener.


Running your cold tap for a little while until it runs clear can normally clear out the discoloration. If this doesn’t work check with your neighbors to see if their water is discolored too and give your local water board a call.





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Brown Water? Manganese In Your Water?