8 Questions you have asked about water softeners

We all know what hard water is and what it causes, but the team here at industrial Water Equipment have come up with their top 8 most asked questions about water softeners for you to ponder on!


Can I drink the softened water?

There is a lot of online buzz about this question, whether it is safe or not to drink. The short answer is yes! We are not just saying that, during the process of softening water the hard minerals of calcium and magnesium in the water are replaced with sodium (salt). Softened water does not taste salty, in fact the amount of salt in one litre of softened water is less than you would find in two slices of white bread! Although these are not harmful amounts, the very latest advice is that nursing mothers or those advised to be on a low salt diet do not drink it.


How can I avoid drinking the softened water?

Although there is no need to, apart from those mentioned above there are three ways you can avoid drinking softened water if you wish.

  • Leave the cold tap in the kitchen linked directly to your mains water
  • Have a separate untreated tap solely for drinking water and fit it with a water filter to remove the nasty chlorine taste.
  • Have your softened water run through a reverse osmosis unit, as RO removes up to 96% of dissolved solids in the water and the added sodium. (This one will also save the kettles life and stop its elements scaling up)


If I move house, can I take the softener with me?

Yes if you want, the softener is usually installed with a ‘by-pass’ that enables the softener to be isolated for servicing etc. Therefore you can just remove it like any other household appliance. However most people tend to use it as a selling tool an use the additional money to buy a new one for their next house.


Do I need to descale my pipework before installation?

No, as soon as your softener is up and running the soft water will start to reverse the scale build up in your system and the scale will gradually be removed. As this happens you will start to notice your heating bills reduce because you will not be heating your water through a thick barrier of scale.


What difference will a softener make?

Did we really hear you ask this one? Where ever there is water, there will be a difference. Streak free car, softer laundry, less washing powder, less shampoo, (up to 50%), luxurious towels, happy washing machine (no scale), boiler and heating system working more efficiently day by day (less repairs, lower bills), removal of existing scale (bills again), no scum or scale on counter tops, no blocked showerhead, cleaning less strenuous.


Where is the softener fitted?

Normally, somewhere close to your main water stopcock which tends to be under your kitchen sink and the most cost effective. The softener will need a power supply and to be connected to a drain for when it goes into regeneration. If this doesn’t sound like an option, give us a ring to discuss alternatives.


What size will I need?

This all depends on how many people live in the premises. (And the make of softer you go for!) Use this as rough guide, but give us a ring if you are not sure.

1-2 people – 5L

3-4 people – 10/12L

4-7 people 14L

7+ people – 18L


Do I need a timed or metered controlled valve?

Generally speaking for domestic purposes the majority are meter controlled. This is because these measure the amount of water used and makes sure that the softener only regenerates when it needs to, thus saving you money on salt. It will also notice an increase or decrease of water used, for example while you are on holiday and adjust as necessary.


Timer controls are less expensive, but these are programmed to carry out a regeneration at a specific time for example every Friday morning at 2am, regardless of how much water has been used. If your premises’ are rarely unattended then this is an option to consider.


Got another?

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8 Questions you have asked about water softeners