4th Classic mistake you are making with your UV!

Mistake 4


One unit fits all…right?!


Right, we need to up our production and this will result in a higher incoming flow rate. The water seems to be passing through the unit without any problems or leaks and generally looks exactly how it always has. If the water is passing through the unit, then surely the sterilisation process is still working?


The Facts


You need to carefully consider your flow rates when selecting your UV. Just because water is passing through the system seemingly well, doesn’t mean that the UV system is performing correctly. For the system to work correctly, there needs to be adequate contact time and this cannot happen it the water is moving through too quickly. This will result in sections of the water not receiving sterilisation and allowing for microorganisms, pathogens and viruses to reproduce throughout your water supply.


Below is a simple chart to help you establish what your flow rate is likely to be and which system is right for you.

UV Water table

For commercial or industrial applications, please give our team a call and they will be sure to find a system that fits your requirements.


Amy King




4th Classic mistake you are making with your UV!