10 Ways A Water Softener Will Improve Your Life!

Okay so to begin with, there are far more than 10 reasons as to why you should finally make that move to install a water softener under the kitchen sink. However these are the top 10 reasons that have improved mine along with thousands of others lives, so what are you waiting for?


Saves money
How I hear you ask? Well due to the reduction of scale in the water your cleaning products, soaps and shampoo go a lot further. A word of warning though, watch the kids with the soap you really don’t want a bubble explosion!


Improves the efficiency of your heater.
The Batelle study shows clearly that the use of a water softener can significantly improve the longevity and efficiency of your heating system. Their conclusion? A water softener is “one of the best energy saving devices you can buy.”


Provides relief from skin irritations such as eczema.
So you have tried everything from creams, washing powders and even diet changes but your little one still suffers from those red patches of itchy dry skin. Although there no studies at the moment that prove the link between improved eczema and water softeners, it is clear from recent experiments that families have reported an improvement in their eczema and their lives in general.


Never have another bad hair day.
Get the spa feeling at home and never have another bad hair day, get rid of all that chlorine and water hardness that is damaging your hair and causing your frizz and dryness!


Spend less time cleaning.
Who doesn’t want to do this? I love having more time to spend with the kids, or snuggling up in a corner reading a good book now I don’t have to spend time scrubbing the bath, trying to make the shower screen sparkle or find the kitchen tap under lime scale. Bliss!

Laundry comes out brighter, glasses and dishes regain their shine.

Ok, so you may already have this due to the use of your dishwasher and calgon, but dare I refer you to point number one?


It makes food and drinks taste better
It is generally considered that hard water does not taste good. So when you sit down to that well deserved cup of tea, wouldn’t it be nice not to have that floating film. Interesting fact: When limescale content is low it improves the dissolution of aromatics that is vital when making tea, coffee, aromatic sauces, stock or gravy. Softened water will accept flavors better than hard water. Giving you tastier food… who doesn’t need that kind of secret weapon in the kitchen?


It protects appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.
As your water goes through the water softener it takes out the scale, which sticks to the resin, and is replaced by sodium, which is not harmful to that expensive appliance. No more scale, no more call outs, no more buying expensive anti scale tablets.


Enjoy showers and baths with silky smooth water.
Ever noticed that lovely soft, silky, smooth feeling you get when you have been to the spa. That’s because they have a water softener! Get the spa feeling at home without having to step outside the door!


Reduce streaking and spotting when you wash your car.
Ok, this one came second hand to me I’ll be honest. Only the men will understand the need for a streak less car! Enough said ladies?


So when all said and done, have I convinced you that you need to get a water softener? Don’t just take my advice, do your research but I promise you everyone is talking about how good theirs really is!


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10 Ways A Water Softener Will Improve Your Life!